Hossain Bepary, a farmer changed his luck by cultivatig poison free high value vegitables through safe method.  He lives at Char Chapila village of Kachikata Union under the Bhederganj Upazila inof Shariatpur district. Though he cultivates in other's land but he is self-relient now. More over he is now an inspiration for others farmer to cultivate high value vegitables in safe method.

Even 3 years back, Hossain Bepary was unemployed. That’s time Hossain found his life difficult to survive. He decided to do something and its continuation, he took some money in credit and cultivated cucumber in a small piece of land. Due to apply pesricides and chamical fertitizers at a large scale in unplanned way and not getting proper price in market, he faces great loss. As a result he couldn't pay the credit amount even he failed to collect the money for land tax. So he fall in great danger to maintain his family. Also he bound to stop sending his child to go to school too.

Abul Daria is a farmer. He lives at Bepary Kand village of Noupara Union under Naria Upazila of Shariatpur District. His family member is 4. He got 160 decimel land from his father. In his land he cultivated brinjal, zucchini, cucumber etc. But due to high cost of applying pesticide and chamical fertilizer he got a little profit and sometimes fall in loss.

In March 2017, a sub project named, `Incresing the income of farmers through cultivation of seasonal ang high value vegetables following safe production method and marketing' under PACE project of SDS started with the financial help of PKSF where he became a registered member.

Harun Mridha, a poor farmer lives in Khoratola village of Joynagar Union at Zanjira Upazila in Shariatpur.His family consist of 6 members including of his 3 daughers, only son and hiwife. Among his 3 daughter 1 his physically disable. His total land quantity is 120 decimel, in his land he used to cultivate type of vegetables and sold colabash, tomato, cucumber and different type of seed plants.But after doing all of these he found hard to maintain his family as it is big.

 Oneday farmer Harun Mridha came to know through the project agriculture officer about  a sub project, `Increasing the income of farmers  through cultivation of seasonal and high value vegetables following safe production method and marketing' under PACE’ project of SDS and got an idea of cultivating safe and high value vegetables through safe method.