After her husband’s death jesmin was in big trouble as she had to take the whole responsibility of maintaining her family. Her son is class X. In this situation, she became involved with the project “ Strengthening Non State Actors (NSA) to claim right and services for extreme marginalized and socially excluded communities of Bangladesh” and found a new way of increasing income. This project has been implemented by Shariatpur Development Society ( SDS) with financial assistance of European Union and Cooperation of oxfam GB in 25 Union under 4 Upalilas of Shariatpur.

How she became involved in fish cultivation :

jesmin Begum was elected as chairperson of the UDC in Darul Aman Union a committee of poor people. She had developed linkage with various service providing organizations through service mobilization under the project. many government officials of various department by them including the process of service delivery.

Local Upazila fishery Officer Abu Rob was present in the program. He provided information about various matters related to fish cultivation and services provided by fishery department. After knowing the details about the services of his department, jasmin Begum became interested about cultivating fish in the pond beside her house. After consulting with the project staff, she decided to star fish cultivation. Then she wsa introduced to the upazila Fishery officer. Jasmin and her brother in law started fish cultivation in the clogged pond with assistance and advice from the fishery office.

  Present situation :

Presently, jesmin is cultivation Ruhi, walking fish, Pangash, silver caf and tilapya in her pond. She said that she had spent two thuosend Tk. for fish cultivation and within this period, she has earned around 12 thousand taka. She will check maturity of fish a few days later. She will sell the fish when those will gain prefect size.

Jasmin believes that a huge change will come in her life if she can continue in this way. her future plan is to expanding fish cultivation. She dreams to educate her children to be good human beings. Beside this she is firm determined to carry on her efforts to ensure the rights of the poor people along with UDC members.