HarvestPlus Bangladesh

Project name: HarvestPlus Bangladesh
Donor: CGIAR (Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research)
Duration: From 15-11-2017 to 14-11-2018
Project summary (2017-18):

During reporting period SDS and HarvestPlus Bangladesh established 100 demonstration plots on zinc enriched modern rice variety of BRRI dhan74,72&62 and more 3500 free seed plots have also been established through BRRI dhan62,72 & BRRI dhan74 zinc enriched rice variety. In addition, 4 farmers training, 7 yard meetings, 4 field days and 5 school program have successfully completed up to this reporting period.  Capacity building has done among large number of farmers on improved rice-based technologies.  The specific project outcome is to improve food and nutrition security by the enhanced and sustained rice productivity through the promotion of zinc enriched modern rice varieties.

Goal: HarvestPlus leads a global effort improves nutrition and public health by developing and disseminating staple food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Objectives: The project will contribute to improve food and nutrition security by the enhanced and sustained rice productivity through the promotion of zinc enriched modern rice varieties.

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Md.Mostofa Kamal

Project coordinator

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Md. Asaduzaman Shahin

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Sharif Uddin Ahmed

MIS Officer




Working Area: Our project area are at Shariatpur sadar, Jajira,Damudya and Bhedorganj upazila in Shariatpur district and Madaripur sadar in Madaripur district.

Project Activities:  Project activities are at 2017-18, seed distribution at boro and amon season, 4 farmers training, 7 yard meetings, 4 field days and 5 school program up to this period.

Case Studies: A Progressive  Farmer

Mahamuda Begum,Choturpara, Madaripur.
Contact Number: 01937132585

 Mahamuda Begum is a poor farmer in Choturpara Village under Madaripur sadar upazilla of Madaripur District. She is 36 years old and mother of two daughters and one son. Her elder son is the student of class nine.  One daughter of them is a student of class-Seven and another is class-Two. She is a housewife and her husband Md. Akbor kha is a small business holder.

 In 2017, Harvest Plus Bangladesh and SDS introduced her with Zinc enriched rice variety BRRIdhan72. She became interested to grow this variety as it can be the alternative source for Zinc Syrup, which she knew from SDS personnel. Then she joined a group through the NGO, Shariatpur Development Society (SDS) and received a day-long training program on seed production, processing and storage of Zinc enriched BRRI dhan72. She received total 3kg seed of BRRI dhan72 with other inputs through Harvest Plus Bangladesh and SDS. She used different technologies such as land preparation, proper seedling age, and application of balance fertilizer and protection of crops from insects and pests without using any insecticide and pesticide in her rice field. She gained proper implementation technique by the close monitoring of SDS Team. As a result, she obtained 690kg rice from 30 decimals of land. She stored 40 kg rice as seed and several farmers ensured that they will buy seed from her. Now she assumes that BRRI dhan72 will ensure food and nutritional demand especially from Zinc deficiency problem to her family. She also introduced this zinc enriched modern rice variety with its production technologies to her neighbors. Now she can lead her family very smoothly with her husband. Now her three children One son, two daughters) are going to school regularly. Moreover, she discovered herself as a decision making person in her family as well as increased her social dignity.

 Budget: Project budget 661050 Tk.

Total Beneficiaries:

                            Year                                                          Beneficiaries

                            2014-15                                                            325

                              2015-16                                                           50

                             2016-17                                                        3550

                             2017-18                                                        3600

                               Total                                                           7525

Beneficiaries Criteria:

In respect of community selection process we gave emphasize on some points such as,

    • Majority of the community are farmers
    • Most of them grow rice in Boro and Amon season
    • Having interest to adapt new variety without any hesitation
    • Farmer’s who have at least 20 decimal cultivable lands.