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Terms of Reference for Hiring a Consulting Individuals/ farm


Develop and maintenance web based safe cattle selling and Project activities Management System

1. Background

Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP) project is jointly financed by Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) and the World Bank. The objective of SEP is to increase the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices by targeted microenterprises. The project prioritizes a selected number of polluting microenterprise business clusters and supports the expansion of innovative economic activities conducive to a more sustainable environment.Environment friendly beef fattening and online marketing is the innovative economic activities under the beef fattening sub-sector. SDS-SEP is implementing these activities. For online marketing this project does not have any website. Primary users of the site will be PKSF, SDS, different donors, PMU, civil society, MEs, customers and the general public.

2. Project Objectives

The project development objective is to improve environment friendly beef fattening productivity, online market accesses and resilience of agro-entrepreneurs /(MEs) operating in selected livestock systems and value chains in target areas.

3. Objectives of Assignment:
The objective of the assignment is to develop web based organic cattle selling, management system of project activities and maintenance of the website.

4. Deliverables:
· A functional and enhanced website capable enough to provide better user experience.
· A user manual with the arrangement of a webinar for the support staff and system administrators to perform content uploading, system maintenance and administration.
· Administrative support, technical support and quality control for a period of 06 month.
· Full source code including all developed libraries.

Deliverable clause:
Once the company is selected, the contract may be amended with time and materials to capture new specific developments/functions on the site upon request of the SDS/PKSF.

5. Work Setting
The work setting for the assignment will include different aspects:
Timing and duration of the assignment:
The duration of the contract will be 01 month and the expected starting date is 30thJune 2020. The development of the website should beready in 15 days’ time starting from the date of signing the contract. The user manual, webinar and the maintenance of the new webpages shouldbe done from the 20 days of the contract.

Briefing/debriefing arrangements:
· An inauguration meeting/conference will be scheduled for the SDS-SEP team to brief the firm on the background information fordeveloping each of the requested deliverables.
· The company will work in close consultation and under the supervision of the Project Specialist of SDS/PKSF. They will follow up on the design process answering questions related to the environment friendly beef fatteningdocuments.
· The Project Specialist in close consultation with the SDS and PKSF higher Management team will assess the services and outputs of the firm.
6. Responsibilities on the Assignment
The selected Consulting Firm will be responsible to complete the following tasks:
· Ensuringdevelopment of authentic, customized, user friendly and easy to install software platform to develop and maintain the web based organic cattle selling and the Project activities Management System.
· Establishing a mail domain for SDS-SEP and ensuring Project staffs’ individual e-mail account.
· Providingjustification about the software platform used to develop and maintain web based organic cattle selling and the Project activities Management System.
· Developing project related reporting templates both for maintenance of the web based organic cattle selling and the Project activities Management Systemwhich requires prior approval from management before integration with the software or software itself.
· Ensuringdaily backup system on project document archive and ensuring easy recover system ifany problem arise.
· Ensuring quick support to the project to improve and update software or problem solving when required during the Maintenance Service period.
· Developinguser manual for software management.
· Preparing presentation, training curriculum and materials on the organic cattle selling and software management user manual for the project staff’.

7. Work Plan
· Developing a graphic concept and the visual language of the new templates.
· Ensuring a consistent visual language on the new site by introducing fixed styles in templates ensuring consistency in fonts, formatting, icons, images, layout techniques. The new look and feel should be adapted to homepage, sections, subsections and the following components of the site should be included: article template, resource webpage template, event webpage template, Beef cattle pictures gallery webpage templet.
· The web page should contain a link between sell buttons to the concern ME’s if a user wish to buy a product after viewing picture galleries.
· Standard page elements including header, footer, tabs, persistent navigation, contact us, email and pageprint options should be included in the new templates.
· The new templates should guarantee that most recent content on the site is captured automatically in the homepage in an organized way following specific categories, tags or other custom taxonomies.
· All section and subsection webpages should incorporate functionalities to guarantee that the latest information on that section and sub-section is displayed
· The current sections and sub-sections of the site should be adapted using the new templates. These sections include around 200 blog posts and pages

The following features will be guaranteed through the templates:
· Home page (Short briefing of SDS and SEP project with contact person.)
· About:Project objectives and goal and activities
· Social sharing features – including twitter
· Multiple page styles and custom post types;
· Search function by news
· Type of resource
· Events/ Activities
· Picture of Beef cattle: gallery with information (Color, breed, teeth count, horn, hump,live weight, price asper live weight, payment system , category options- buyers information, sellers information and service information)
· Search resources by free text
· Interactive map
· Signup for latest news
· Password protected pages

Knowledge transfer:
Developing a user manual and delivering a webinar for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration.

Support and maintenance:
Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 6 months;

Source code handover:
Full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to SDS-SEP
The successful company will participate in a debriefing session with the KIT and other programme areas to understand the overall project and expectations.
Based on the debriefing session and this TOR, the company will develop a design concept for the site. The vendor will share a maximum of three proposals with the SDS-SEP team.

The company will adjust concept based on feedback and comments from the SDS-SEP team.
The vendor will develop the visual concept and language for the site adapting it to the different components outlined in the section “deliverables” and adjusting it based on feedback and comments from the SDS-SEP team.
The vendor will create responsive CSS and graphic design elements and integrate or adapt existing CSS and graphic design and make it responsive.
Development of web sections and content upload.
Integration and final approval by SDS.

NB: It is essential but not limited

· The lead developer/ consultant is responsible for the overall development process and assures that all code contributed is in line with coding standards.
· The lead developer has extensive experience (at least four years) in programming and CMS development, including versioning of which at least two years are specific to Word Press CMS.
· The lead developer is an expert in the use and configuration of the below applications: Word Press CMS, MySQL Database, Apache web server, Experience with other related applications is an advantage.
· Lead developer will work with junior developer, graphic designer and graphical Interior Junior migration expert.

If you have the required qualifications and are interested in this contract, please submit:
· A proposal describing the previous work done in this area;
· A portfolio of previous work of webs with similar functionalities developed in Word Press
· CVs of the lead developer, junior developer, graphical integrator, graphic designer and junior migration expert in charge of this project to be included in the proposal;

10. A Financial proposal to address the work:
An estimated cost which will be proposed for the consultancy should indicate the breakdown. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations.
Submissions will be evaluated in consideration as per procurement evaluation policy.

12. Duration of the website preparation:
The duration of the website preparation is 01month.

13.Selection Method
A consultant/Firm will be selected following the Selection of Individual Consultants/Firm method as set forth in the World Bank Procurement Regulations.

14. Mode of Payment
· The Consultant/Firm will provide a financial proposal for this service and will receive 30% of the amount as mentioned in the contract after signing the financial agreement for this assignment. Remaining 30% will be paid after acceptance of the website.
· Remaining 40% will be paid after completing the development of the website.
· VAT and Taxes will be deducted at source upon government rules.

15. Timeframe
· The service shall be conducted expectedly within 01 month from start of the study, and is scheduled to preferably start in the (30/06/2020).
· The consultant/Firm will show the final visual web latest by (30/07/2020).
· The timeframe will be finalized as agreed by the consultant and SDS.
· A time plan following the below-given format for the assignment has to be submitted by the consultant/firmwhich needsto be agreed by SDS-SEP guideline.

16. Disclaimer:
The SDS management reserves the right to amend the terms of reference at any time as required upon mutual discussion with the lead consultant/Firm. SDS reserves the right to terminate the contract at its sole discretion in case of non-compliance of the decided terms and conditions.

17. Proposal Submission
Interested candidates are requested to be updated Curriculum Vitae and financial proposal by 15/06/ 2020 in the following address. The financial proposal should be based on the attached ToR.
Amala Das
Deputy Director, HR Department
SDS, ShariatpurSadar, Shariatpur.,
Mobile: 01759056567